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Providing Domestic and Commercial Clients
with Secure and Durable Scaffolding

Free Quotations Given to All Customers


Health and Safety

Prior to any work taking place, we assess the area in which the scaffolding is required to ensure that it is safe and there are no existing hazards, such as electric cables. This is completed using predetermined health and safety regulations. We also use the SCAFF-TAG system during work, which is a safety procedure that allows our workers to use the scaffolding safely.


All customers are able to receive free quotations for the service that they require. While quotes are available over the phone, in person, or via email if images are provided, the most accurate and precise quotes are provisioned when we visit your location and assess the job at hand. The quote covers erection and an initial period which will be agreed between us and the dismantling of the scaffold.


On average, it takes between two and three hours to erect a full scaffolding structure. However, this does vary depending on the size of the job and how many people are available to build it.


All members of the company have the correct and up-to-date qualifications and training to complete any job without delay.

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